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DAY 1:

I’m about to board a connecting flight to LAX and as tired as I find myself ecstatic. This is a huge milestone for KD ALCHEMY! For years I dreamt of traveling for a living and being my own boss and after over ten years of working on my craft and dreaming I can finally say that I’m closer than ever.
The road ahead is long but every check off my list of goals the shorter the journey becomes.

BW Preview SM

DAY 2:

Today we are filming a Black & White photography tutorial for on this baby (Canon 1D X).
I feel like a proud mother…

When you stumble across your passion, it’s like falling in love for the first time. Over the years you grow and mature and it evolves with you.
Sometimes your passion takes a different form each year.
Story telling has been my passion for as long as I can remember. The expressive mediums have changed but one thing remains the same, I always have a story to tell.


DAY 3:

The past 32 hours have been visceral. My breathing changed in this city. My perspective widened.
The healthy dose of “small fish, big pond” has reminded me of why I do what I do.
Although my work may not reach far or wide I hope it resonates. There’s one responsibility as an artist that I highly regard & that is to empower others to do what they love, to love themselves, and to create their visual dream.
Thank you for being apart of my LA adventure so far. Stay tuned for more.
I’m going to IMATS tomorrow. Holy WOW.. I’m floored!

Red Rock Stilljpg

DAY 4:

On my way to IMATS & enjoying my last 24 hrs in LA!


DAY 5:

I’m home from LA. Today I’m wading through the massive amount of content Nate Evans and I captured over the weekend.
I’m also conceptualizing new shoots which will feature models and emphasize stylized wardrobe! I hope that interests you guys! My goal is to create tutorials that explain creative process not just show you the end result of a shoot.
While LA gave me incredible material add to the Alchemy portfolio it also taught me that being an artist is like being a very tiny plankton in a massive ocean. Some voices are louder than others, some messages resonate with thousands and some with only hundreds. Regardless of size, every voice, including mine, deserves to be heard. I will always strive to produce positive content because the more positivity small artists produce the louder the voice becomes.

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