canon and nikon cameras

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Watch this video and learn where basic camera settings (aperture, ISO, shutter) are located on a Canon DSLR and Nikon DSLR. Cameras: Nikon D70 Canon 60D

letting go

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Tonight– 2:30 A.M.– I bring you a remnant of a 5 hour makeup and shoot that didn’t go according to plan. This was one of many shoots that don’t seen the light of social media/the inter-webs. There is this magical principal that has kept me sane over 8 years of failed experiments and hundred-hour-projects: In every failure there is growth. I learn something […]

Toxic Garden

Posted by KD Alchemy on Saturday, October 31, 2015

toxic garden

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Someone spent one too many hours in her green house… I call this Toxic Garden. This character is a mix of human and plant (I know you’re thinking of Poison Ivy). Image, after the chemical burns, and open sores heal this deluded creature could be quite a powerful advocate for the environment. MAKEUP INSPO: I’ve […]