letting go

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Tonight– 2:30 A.M.– I bring you a remnant of a 5 hour makeup and shoot that didn’t go according to plan. This was one of many shoots that don’t seen the light of social media/the inter-webs.

There is this magical principal that has kept me sane over 8 years of failed experiments and hundred-hour-projects: In every failure there is growth. I learn something new from each “Frankenbaby” that doesn’t make the cut. Those sleepless nights don’t go to waste when they’re spent refining an artistic process. Trial and error can be a grueling process but its taught me perseverance, earned me creative stamina and encouraged me to reach outside of my comfort zone for my vision. Letting go of artistic creations that don’t add value to the greater body of work is a discipline that every artist, professional or aspiring, should learn.

As creators our creations take us through emotional journeys. We put everything we are into our art. Letting go of pieces can be one of the most painstaking processes of all but that is the measure of a true artists. When something is let go so that a greater work can live on. It takes a lot to hold myself back from tapping “post” on Instagram when a work I’m excited about sharing has’t reached its full potiential yet. There is always tomorrow, when I can create something knew or refine what’s already there. Quality always trumps quantity.

So I leave you, my fellow alchemists, with this: If you have to dispose of some art babies that didn’t make the cut don’t beat yourself up. Everyone has a learning curve or a failed experiment to contend with. Keep reminding yourself to stay inspired and eat some sushi. Sushi fixes everything.