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are you manipulated by artists?

Adobe Photoshop. Artists use it to express themselves, industries harness the power to warp and manipulate images, and amateurs use it to increase the quality […]
Feb 2, 2016 /

Photoshop Walk-Through

  This is the general process I go through when I edit my portraits. I hope this demystifies some of the vastness of Photoshop for some […]
Jan 27, 2016 /

LA blog

DAY 1: I'm about to board a connecting flight to LAX and as tired as I find myself ecstatic. This is a huge milestone for KD ALCHEMY! […]
Jan 26, 2016 /

Photoshop Basics: EP. 1

Photoshop Basics EP. 1: Navigating The Toolbar  This is the first installment of the Photoshop Basics series! Bare basics of the tool bar explained simply. Watch this video and […]
Jan 9, 2016 /

8 hour makeup transformation

This was an 8 hr makeup transformation! I turned Brooke into a plant with drug store makeup, latex, cotton, and Mehron water activated paints.
Dec 31, 2015 /

chrome skull makeup tutorial

Product Links: Sephora Matte Black Shadow: [click here] Mehron Paint Palette: [click here] Equipment used in this video: Lighting: Nova Diva Ring light Camera: Canon 60D
Dec 31, 2015 /

canon and nikon cameras

Watch this video and learn where basic camera settings (aperture, ISO, shutter) are located on a Canon DSLR and Nikon DSLR. Cameras: Nikon D70 Canon 60D
Dec 31, 2015 /

removing blemishes on photoshop

For a flawless photo finish use these tricks to remove blemishes! The Photoshop tools used in this tutorial were the healing brush and the clone stamp. This […]
Dec 31, 2015 /

halloween hacks makeup tutorial

Learn some halloween makeup hacks for FX makeup beginners. Product Links: Wet N Wild Foundation Scarecrow Vampire Fangs Sephora Matte Black Shadow Mehron Paint Palette  
Dec 31, 2015 /

lady sith makeup tutorial

In honor of all mah ladies on the dark side here's LadySith. Product Links: Sephora Matte Black Shadow Mehron Paint Palette
Dec 31, 2015 /

letting go

Tonight-- 2:30 A.M.-- I bring you a remnant of a 5 hour makeup and shoot that didn't go according to plan. This was one of many shoots that […]
Dec 22, 2015 /